Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Yah tseh loobloo

I'm loving it! We found McDonald's!! Everyone had a great meal and we are very happy! The sign on the wall at Mickey D's said "Yah tseh loobloo" which is the slogan I'm loving it! Of course it was written in Russian and I can only type it phonetically!

We took a taxi since we did not know exactly how far away it was... turns out it was just on the other side of Baskin Robbins! We just did not walk far enough on Saturday. Oh Well! We had intended to go to the zoo afterwards but there was a street that was blocked from traffic and across from that street was a park where artists and crafters hangout. I purchased a cream colored handmade sweater that is absolutely beautiful and Tom has a new painting. We also found some smaller treasures we could not live without!

We keep telling people we are from Krasnodar when they ask us where we are from and one woman finally said "why do you speak Russian so badly if you are from Russia?" We told her we have only lived there six months and before that we lived in California.... " OH, then your Russian is VERY good for six months!" Perspective makes a difference!

We found out that the teacher that Nathan and I have, Nellie, had a bad accident. She impaled her foot on a wire. But somehow she is still managing to climb the flight of stairs to the classroom and teach! Our friend Judy B. ,the nurse from Alaska, is concerned about infection... I would be too. The city is pretty dirty. I don't think I would leave my house until it had scabbed over!

Our friends Robert and Ann are falling for Spencer's dog... Brownie is warming up to them. They are dogsitting for Spencer. Robert is doing well... he had an incident with a weasel and is undergoing rabies shots. Let's just say he won't be helping anymore little girls get their pet ferrets back! Especially, if that ferret turns out not to be a pet ferret but a wild weasel instead!

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