Sunday, October 09, 2005


This Sunday morning at church was a breakthrough for me. I finally heard a complete sentence and was able to write down something the pastor said. I heard "kazhdee chelovek ochen ochen vazhnee". Every person is very very important. I was shocked that I actually understood a complete sentence.

Tom said he got something this morning too. The final speaker was a cross between the Oxy Clean commerical guy and the Crazy Gideon electronics guy from LA. Tom drew a picture that illustrated his thoughts!

It was good to hear a sermon in English. Lee Hotchkiss also spoke through a translator. We heard our first English sermon in 6 months. That was very refreshing.

Nathan and Spencer got to see Eden and Arwen. Everyone said their goodbyes. We leave here on Thursday and will most likely not see them again for a while. We are making deliveries for them as well as for the Prestons.

Tom was able to attend a Recovery meeting after church. That makes three countries now where he has been able to attend a meeting! It is good for him to make connections. Now this gives us more people to network with. He will attend another meeting tomorrow night also.

Today we were trying to decide what time to have dinner. I asked Tom what he wanted to do he didn't really care. Neither did Nathan or Spencer so I asked Leta what time was best for her "shto vrema loochee?" what time is best? I also wanted to say 'for you' but I could only think 'para ti' which is Spanish! I knew that wouldn't work!! She didn't care what time either... So Tom finally decided on six. We have time to be here at the Internet club and then get back for dinner.

I think Leta believes Nathan is a hopeless cause. She has tried very hard to fatten him up. She even stands over him and says "kooshat, kooshat!" eat, eat! He tries.... he just can't! She is Ukrainian; she has no concept of how much food is too much food!... and she keeps giving him too much food no matter what anyone says to her!


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    Nathan has his own thoughts on life and they do not always reflect the views of his parental units!

    However, he is an excellent writer!!!!