Monday, October 10, 2005

Brownie update

Our dog is doing well at home. She is being taken care of by Robert and Ann. Robert says that she still remembers where she lives. She tries to go there sometimes when they go out for a walk! She will actually make it home before we do. Robert is going to take Brownie over to our apartment and Lena's brother Slavic will start walking her now. He has been staying at our home while we are gone.
Today at lunch Leta told Nathan he could "eat or not eat"! He has been waiting a month for her to say that... She told him last night that babushkas are supposed to make sure kids eat! I told her American babushkas (grandmothers) do it too.

She has resigned herself to the fact that no matter what he eats he will not get fat! Somedays he can eat more that others... Just ask his Tadah; she has seen him pack away pizza & her blonde brownies!


  1. Mom its Spencer. Brownie is MY dog.

  2. yeah and who pays for all the vet bills and buys her food????