Saturday, October 22, 2005

Prayer concerns

Every six months we have to leave the country for visa purposes. Once a year it will be to renew the visa completely; like we just did in Ukraine. The other time it will be just to get the passport stamped and come back. Our resources were strained severely when we had to stay in Ukraine for an extended amount of time. We are looking ahead to March and are concerned about whether or not we can afford to make it to WorldVenture's Leadership Conference in Johannesburg, So Africa...

That trips hits at the time when we have to leave the country to get our passports stamped. It is not a renewal time. We will need to leave the country in March. At least for a day.

*Please pray that we will be wise in how our resources are used.

*Pray that if we are supposed to go to the Leadership Conference that the support will be provided in such a way that the answer will be clear to us!

*Pray for us as we will be undergoing testing these next few weeks over everything we have learned at language school for the past 13 weeks.

We appreciate everyone who comes here to read...

There have been over 4000 visits to this blog since July. Thank you and may God bless you richly!

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  1. I'll definitely keep you in my prayers; stay strong and continue in your work for the Lord!