Tuesday, December 13, 2005

devatsit chiteeree goadah!

24 years! Today is our 24th wedding anniversary. Tom whisked me away from school and took me out to lunch. We went over to the mall. We tried to go to the nice Chinese place there called Minami. But they were closed for a meeting. So, when we saw corn on the cob at one of the other places we decided we had to have it! Afterwards we looked around the mall for awhile and Tom some some Viking Legos he wanted so that is his present. He gave me some jewelry he made. I have a new necklace, bracelet and earrings that are very cute!

Nathan is home from the farm. Last night in a text message he told Spencer that Domo had killed a chicken and a duck. Spencer wanted to make sure that Nathan had not killed the duck so he asked again "who killed the duck Nathan or Domo?" Nathan as a joke replied that "Domo killed the duck...I killed a goat!" I sent a message right away asking if I was getting goat meat! Nathan let me know it was all a hilarious joke. I was relieved. I was hoping it would be a week when they would butcher a cow. But, Tom says there are others who need the free meat more than we do. I would pay for it. I just wanted something I knew was fresh and healthy! The guys take such good care of the animals out there. All that they grow whether it is an animal or vegetable or fruit is superb!

I priced baby items for friends of ours who are expecting. They have not made an annoucement yet. The store I was at had strollers for over 700 dollars. We will not be purchasing anything there! Tom wanted to know if they came with motors?!

We got a graduation annoucment for Alex Cowley today also. She just finished up at K State with a degree in Elementary Education. We are very proud of her and still remember when she was born!

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