Saturday, December 31, 2005

Scurrying about!

C Новым годом! Happy New Year! Everyone is scurrying around today preparing for the holiday. The traditional thing to do is to spend the day cooking and cleaning. In addition, getting whatever items needed for the next few days. Some stores may or may not be open from the first until the third. Everything will shut down for the holiday! Novee Goad is a big deal here. There have been fireworks going off daily since the middle of December. If you live near the Mexico border (like California or Texas), you may see news stories there about illegal fireworks coming from Mexico. Now that we are here in Russia, we saw our first news story about illegal fireworks that came in from China. They were in boxes labeled Ceramics!

Nathan is going to a party over at the church. Most of the singles will be there. He was told to come at 10 pm. We are spending the evening with Alexei and Lena. They want us to have a traditional Russian New Year’s. They will get here at 9pm. and will stay until ??? Alexei is cooking most of the food. They are preparing two traditional salads, and a meat dish. I was asked what I wanted to prepare and they were suggesting a torte (cake) or pirog (pie). Alexei was yelling at me in the background that he wanted apples! Over and over he kept yelling apples! Tom says they are Alexei’s favorite. So I need to go down to the rinok and see if the guy I buy apples from is there. I can make a few traditional American Apple Pies to go with our traditional Russian meal!

Last night on TV we saw a puppet show. There was a puppet who came out from behind the puppet stage and sang a solo. He sang an old familiar English tune. "Let's Twist Again!" Tom was adamant that puppets cannot twist! I was insisting that he could not twist because of his costume. He was wearing a swimsuit, he had his hair styled in a red mohawk and he was wearing 6 inch tall golden disco shoes!

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