Sunday, January 08, 2006


I spent about two hours after church speaking with a woman who truly needs Al-Anon. Tom complimented my patience. She just needed to get her whole story out to someone. And then hear if she had done the right thing. I affirmed her and gave her my phone number.

When an alcoholic tries to make you feel like you are the reason they are drinking and only you can help them... it is time to get far far away from that alcoholic until he/she gets his/her head together! Your dollars will not get them sober.

Remember you cannot control someone else's drinking and you are powerless to get them sober! I think it helped that she could see Tom and know that he has been sober for 18 years and I did nothing to make that happen. He did it all by himself. And his recovery remains between him and God. It is not about me and never will be!

We need to get Al-Anon literature in Russian and English. I have to get online and get an order placed. I knew that I would be working here but I didn't expect to be able to speak with others so soon. She spoke English until she didn't know the correct words. Then she switched to Russian. Pray for us to continue to be available when we are needed. And that we will have the wisdom to know what we can and cannot do!

Pray also for our learning Russian and for God's timing on when to start new meetings. We have not started Al-Anon yet but it is obvious how much it is needed.

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