Monday, January 30, 2006

Another Monday

Tom is at the post office. Nathan and Spencer are playing video games. I found some sweet potatoes last time I was at Metro so when I am done here I am going to make a sweet potato pie.

It is snowing again but it is warmer. Alexei says that we will get used to this weather. He says that Krasnodar is not California, but that Krasnodar is not Salihardt either. Salihardt can get to -50. At -40 C & F are the same so that is cold no matter where you are from.

Tom is up and feeling better. Tania welcomed him back to school today! She was teasing him about missing so much school. He was home all last week. And of course he missed alot when his foot was recovering from surgery.

We watched "The Count of Monte Cristo" last night and everyone enjoyed it. "The Recruit" and "ZigZag" are also good movies. If you are easily offended by language then you might not like ZigZag. It is about the life of an autistic boy with an abusive dad. The language is rough but it is a good movie overall.

I mended Iris's glove. It was not as hard as I expected. It looked like new when I was done. God helped me to get it right I got paid in Peach flavored tea & sour cream and onion potato chips! YUM...

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