Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Common Bonds

I fell today. My wrist is wrapped up. Kathy, a nurse, told me I must have jammed it when I put out my hand to break my fall. My whole body is sore. But, since Kathy is sure it's not broken and it's not quite a sprain I am happy!

All of us have taken a spill now. Last night I thought it was going to be my turn... my neighbor, from downstairs, warned me to be careful as he was on his way home. Then I had Maj-Lis and Joyce H. holding my arms as we walked to the bus stop. I slipped but didn't go down. It was interesting having these women hold me up. I had just left a meeting with the women of BLTC. Joyce had prayed for me and I had prayed for Maj-lis. We were instructed to pray for the woman on our left. We walked to the bus stop the same way we were sitting!

The meeting went well. I had expected the meeting to be in English since all of the women I knew of that were going were English speakers. But, when I got there and saw Lena Rajabov and Larissa I realised that the meeting would be in Russian. I did well. I spent two hours listening and speaking. I gave my first prayer request in Russian.

I asked for myself and my family to speak and understand more and more.

1) A Woman's library has been started at the school. They are open to donations of cash or books for the library. If you purchase books they need to be in Russian.

2) Women will be coming to school in the fall from all over Russia. Christina is going to be researching the cultural background of each woman so that we will be better able to serve each woman.

3) The Christian Preschool is going forward. We don't know at this point how many women are coming with children but there is a two room house that will serve as the building. I will let everyone know what items are needed as we get further along.

4) Most of the women had prayer requests about husbands traveling to teach in various cities throughout Russia. I realized that when language school is over I will be making the same requests about Tom.

Please pray about the new students and families that will be coming to the BLTC in the fall. Pray that the school has made wise choices in who to admit. One of the ladies said that sometimes churches like to nominate people who have been a problem in their home church to "straighten" them out. We pray that everyone who is coming is ready to actually be there and is not just running away from a bad situation!

Valodya is traveling to speak at another church and Klaus is alone. Alexei has been away in Moscow and Jim H. is there too. So Tom has been asked to speak again to give Klaus a break. Tom is preparing a message for Sunday so keep him in your prayers as well.

Tom is speaking about Trust. A much needed topic here! It is hard for people to trust one another and God.

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