Monday, January 02, 2006


The fireworks are still going off. Brownie (Spencer's dog) is settling down though. She has had a rough weekend. She was allowed to come into the living room and curl up in the corner on New Year's. Alexei said it was the first time she let him pet her and show her some love. He says it was because he showed up dressed like a Californian. He was wearing shorts, t-shirt and a Hawaiian print shirt over that. It was cold and rainy outside but he was determined to tease Tom!

We are supposed to go see the Nutcracker on ice today. Hopefully, we will actually see the show we paid for! Last time the star was ill so they put on a different show.

Nathan and Tom are still asleep and it is about 10:15am I will let them sleep just a bit longer before I go in and wake them up for the trip across town to the ice rink.

Spencer has showered is dressed and ready to go.... we are not quite sure if he is really a Sharp. Maybe, this getting up and getting ready early skips a generation!

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