Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Olimp Zamboni

We made it to the ice show early enough to see the zamboni at work. See the men out there on the ice? The have a 2 liter bottle of water and they are checking the ice for divets. Each time they find one they pour water over it. They walked the entire surface before the show!

The Nutcracker was beautiful. Afterwards we took a stroll down on Krasnaya and found a few video's at the new store Pheonix.

One of the movies we found was something that is not out in the theatre in the US yet. We have not purchased it. It is hard here to always find legitmate copies of movies. The copyrights don't seem to mean much. As soon as a "distributor" finds a movie they copy it and make it available.

We ended the day with Robert and Ann. Their sons are here from Texas. We ate chili and corn bread. I took over a peach cobbler not knowing how much Robert loves peach cobbler. I am glad I made a big one. I used the 13 x 9 inch pan. With their two sons 26, 23 and ours 18, 15 along with Robert and Tom eating it up I didn't bring anything home!

We watched The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Orange County. It was fun to watch movies with them. Ben does digital photo work and their whole family watches for how the digital effects and the sets look as they view the movie. So it seems we are not the only ones who watch with a critical eye. Nathan even got online and looked up answers to questions people had during Orange County.

If you are one of Nathan's online friends I am sorry that he had to say goodbye to you during the evening. I was tired of listening to the typing noise in the background. He can play later!

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