Thursday, January 12, 2006

sick day

Only Spencer got up to school to school today. I could not sleep last night and when I don't sleep my muscles get tense. Tom had another fall yesterday and he was feeling a lot of pain as well. Nathan choose not to go in since he had several falls yesterday and doesn't really like public transportation to begin with.


We had a meeting with another store owner yesterday. She wants Tom's jewelry but she also wants some of the other things she saw at my house. She is interested in souveniers. I made a few jars with beads on them and Tom worked up some new jewelry. We need to get everything ready by Saturday so it can go into her store before she leaves on her business trip to Moscow. We are gearing up for Valentine's Day and then Woman's Day is March 8th. We are trying to make things from Russian materials that will appeal to the women and the people in their lives who will buy the gifts. We don't really make much of a profit on what we sell. But, we are meeting business people and making some good contacts for our work here. Networking is very important here. Everything seems to be run on the system of "who you know and who knows you". Trust is a major cultural issue and people like to work and do business with people they know.

Olya did a great job setting up the appointment. And she was here for the meeting. Slavic thinks we should open a store. I don't think we are ready for that yet. We really need to focus on school. The business just kind of sprang out of our hobbies!

Hopefully, Tom and I will feel well enough to get the samples made and be prepared for the Valentines Day retail push!

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  1. "Several falls". As in "More Nathan falling on the ice."? =P


    ...without the home videos, sadly enough.