Monday, January 23, 2006

Snow Day

About half of the students went to school today. As I post this everyone is in bed. Michelle just left about a half hour ago and it is 3AM. This is our current temperature:
-32 degree Celsius = -25.6 degree Fahrenheit.

Michelle came over to stay warm. Our apartment is very toasty. We have double paned glass windows from Germany. They are the best!

Tomorrow is officially a snow day! We have the movie Cool Hand Luke that we borrowed from Janet and Patrick. We finished the first four episodes of the second season of LOST. Janet and Patrick had those also! they also loaned us CSI to watch and some episodes of Invasion. We watched all of the commercials when we were watching LOST. It was actually fun to see American commercials again. Here we see many alcohol commercials. We notice in the 4hours of LOST there was only one beer ad. It seemed weird.

Tomorrow is Tom's birthday. His folks called him tonight and it was great to hear their voices. Spencer was telling people at school that Tom is 403. He is really only 43! I will be making pizza and blonde brownies. I have soup leftover and a pan of cornbread so tomorrow's lunch is already done.

We are 940 miles south of Moscow... and yes it is a record cold here too!

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