Wednesday, January 11, 2006

You know it's slippery when...

You know it's slippery outside when:

you see the crows sliding on the sidewalk

small children refuse to walk and want to be pulled along

mothers are using sleds instead of strollers

you see blood on the sidewalk and just keep on walking

no one is pushing anyone off the bus at the exits

the taxi drivers are actually going slow

you judge your success by how many times you slipped but didn't fall

The snow that fell yesterday is today's ice on the ground. The sun was actually out for a short time today. That could mean another layer of ice if it gets cold again! Yesterday it was snowing and was -5 outside.

We caught a ride home with Mike and Kathy again. I needed to go to the supermarket so Nathan and I were able to make that trip when Mike dropped us off. The cashier would not take one of my one hundred ruble bills. I think she was just in a bad mood. She didn't look real thrilled that we came through her line. They usually don't scan the hundreds just the one thousands and the five hundreds. But, I don't see what the big deal was...the bill came from the store to begin with. Now I just have to use it again until I can get someone else to take it!

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  1. The weather is gorgeous and warm here in Atlanta. I can't imagine being in weather that cold. I have never been in weather under 20 degrees..I don't think.
    I found your blog through blackwomenblogs.