Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Assessment time!

It is time for us to have our language skills assessed.

We are doing small reviews to help us prepare. Nathan is going first. His test is tomorrow. Spencer and I will go in next week. The course at the language school is 125 lessons long. Our class just got Lesson 30 today. Students are first assessed somewhere between lesson 25-30.

Lesson 30 is very interesting. We are learning the names and the different titles for each type of believer. Such as Hari Krishna, Moslem or Buddist. We have a new list of verbs and adjectives to learn and we just got the phrase "it seems to me"!

The assessment will determine whether we are at one of the following levels:





Each level has specific requirements. It is hard to determine where each of us will fall. So let the testing begin!

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