Thursday, February 09, 2006

как лёд

Ths snow came down feeling more like pins and needles than soft dewy snowflakes. It was sleet. Rain and snow is not a fun combination to walk in. Some how we got to school with our faces in tact. It felt like having someone scratch at ones face!

I found this photo on a Moscow News site!

Nathan had his assessment today. He was very pleased with how it came out. Spencer and I are scheduled for next week. We also have a review next week of lessons 25-30. It is great that time has past by so quickly.

Last night Valodya and Roma came by to talk over some prayer needs and requests of the church. Valodya brought his youngest daughter with him because she speaks English and he wanted her to translate. Once everyone was seated she realised how tired she was. She had travelled to Moscow last week with her dad to work for him there. She was so happy that Tom and I were able to understand the conversation. She kept leaning over to to tell Nathan she was surprised with how well his parents understood. We aren't doing bad for being adult learners! It is much easier to understand what is being said than to actually respond. But, we do have the ability to respond in simple sentences. Complex sentences are still hard to put together. Russian words and pattern of speaking do not lend themselves very well to English grammatical construction!

As they were leaving Valodya said "like in America, bye!" He and his wife are now studying English at the BLTC. He was practicing the English words that he knew and seemed to be having fun with it. It must help to see all of us struggle with new skills at our age and he and his wife Lena decided to join in and just talk with out fear. If someone speaks to us in English we still answer as best we can in Russian. It is the only way to ensure that everyone gets the practice that they need with language skills!

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