Sunday, February 19, 2006

Nathan entertaining!

Bill and Judi came over with their four kids to watch the Olimpics. Michael, four years old wanted to see SpiderMan. Michael LOVES SpiderMan! Nathan got his laptop out and showed the movie to Mikey. He was so excited. He barely finished his dinner cuz he wanted to get back to the movie. He told his mom the chili was too spicy... he did finish eventually. Nathan did good not starting the movie until Mikey was done with his dinner. Chili and french fries should not equal such torture!

When SpiderMan was over Nathan showed Fraggle Rock to the girls. Kaylynn and Becca had not ever seen it before. Nathan let them take it home. We gave Bill the movie Munich. It is an intense movie put out by Speilberg on the aftermath of the Isreali team being taken hostage and killed at the 1972 Olimpics.

Andrew came in when Judi and I were cleaning up my kitchen. He was trying to get us to tell him if we were going to make dessert or not! He finally just came out and told his mom what he wanted. So I made a batch of blonde brownies. They were a big hit. I am sure that my mother in law never dreamed that her brownies would become so famous!

The new family that we met have the same names as my Aunt and Uncle. They are Betty and Charles. Tom and I are going to have to work hard not to call him Chuck like my uncle... I just hope I don't start calling him Uncle Chuck! Posted by Picasa

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