Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Snow Madness!

Russian Pranksters Turn Lenin Into Scream Killer

Pranksters in the southern Russian city of Krasnodar altered the looks of a Lenin statue by pulling a halloween-type rubber mask like that used in the horror movie Scream over the revolutionary’s face.The monument’s head is about five meters above the ground, the NTV television channel noted.Krasnodar police presume the mask was placed on the statue overnight when there was nobody around.A lot of people gathered in the park where the monument is situated to look at the Communist Party leader in the killer’s mask, the channel added.

As for our day had a fun taxi driver. He was in a great mood despite all the snow on the roads. In the taxi was Mich, Tom, Nathan and me. A man opened Tom's door when we stopped at the intersection and asked if the driver was free... excuse me? Tom is sitting right there! The rest of us were in the back seat. The driver told him he had passengers right now. The man said "oh, I'm sorry, my vision is bad" when the door shut the driver busted out laughing.

As we were creeping along the street at one point the driver opened the window and said to another taxi driver "how's work?". It is odd how many people seem to just love the snow and are so happy out there. While others can be extra grumpy.

The majority of us made it to school today so classes were held. Tania was in the breakroom with us today. She said that she measured the snow on the table in front of the school and it was two feet high. Yes, we have two feet of snow out there. And when she did the measurement the snow was still falling!

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