Friday, April 07, 2006

Diagnostic Center

Tom has KIDNEY STONES! One of them is 4mm and the other is 6mm. We are waiting for some test results to know specifically what chemicals his stones are comprised of so that the doctor will know what to prescribe to dissolve them. But, this too will pass!

He heart showed no sign of damage or disease. His blood pressure is up. He has an appointment on Monday with a neurologist to determine the cause of the numbness in his arm. We are just grateful that a heart problem has been ruled out.

Today Tom had an EKG, an ultrasound on his kidneys and then an ultrasound for his heart. He was seen by a urologist, a cardiologist, a radiologist and on Monday in the same building he will see a neurologist. In America there is no way we could have seen this many specialists in one day. The diagnostic center that he went to is about three years old. And it is the same place where he had his foot surgery. We are grateful to be so close to such excellent medical care! We are also grateful not to have any horror stories to report about the hospital or the services.

The x-ray machine was not working in the building where all his testing was done so he had to go to the Birthing House and be x-rayed over there with all the expectant mommies! He was carrying around an ultrasound photo of his kidneys and he had earlier been joking with the doctor about NOT being pregnant!

We had Natasha with us today to help interpret the medical terms. I was concerned about not knowing exactly what was being said. She is in the process of translating a book for publication but she took time out to come and help us today. Tom also booked her to translate for John P. from Andover, Kansas when he visits with our pastors in May.

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