Friday, April 28, 2006

Eating Sushi!

I ate my first California roll here in Russia.

I went out to lunch with Joyce H. today. She was born and raised in Japan. She was the perfect person to eat sushi with for the first time. She had me try eel which is her favorite. And I think I like it better than salmon! I tried seaweed and I had Miso soup. It was a great meal. I think I had 2 different kinds of rolls and 2 different kinds of sushi and then the soup.

Joyce taught me how to use chopsticks and I actually ate the whole meal them. Even the soup. she said it is traditional to pick out the veggies from the soup with the chopsticks and drink the liquid.

The tea cups don't have handles so she should me the proper way to drink from the cup. It was such a rich cultural experience!

Tom and Spencer helped out at the school today. The school moved into an office building from the house where it was located. It helps for the school to be in an official location. Because of the new laws surrounding private schools here in Russia it will be easier for the school to pass inspections and stay certified.

Tom came home very tired. He hung all the white boards and helped with moving the items. Some things are being stored at the Jim & Joyce's home. They have an extra building on their property. So they have plenty of storage room.

Spencer and Nathan are both going to meetings at church tonight. Nathan is going to our church and Spencer is going to Kovchek the baptist church. He is going over with Andrew for the first time.

I spoke with Melanie today and we finalized the plans for Spencer to visit them. He was going to visit them in Siberia but instead he will meet them in Moscow! Their former nanny is also going so neither Spencer nor Leeza has to fly alone. Spencer will be able to show Leeza what needs to be done and Leeza will understand all the language that Spencer doesn't know yet. Leeza is in her early 20's so they should make a good pair and help each other a great deal. This will be Leeza's first airplane flight and Spencer is a pro having flown for the first time when he was only 7 months old. He knows the whole routine. We talked it through the other day and he had it all thought out!

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