Thursday, April 27, 2006

Five Day Weekend!

We are very excited to have five days off. We do have to go to a cemetary on Monday but that is not like going to school. Although going to school some days could put one in a cemetary.

Today was a very silly day in class. There were lots of jokes... some of them about dead bodies since Nathan wanted to know if when a person dies are they still referred to as animate or inanimate? He asks interesting cultural questions. The teachers seem to enjoy his questions! Joyce B. came in at one point to show off her clothes to the women. So we even had a mini fashion show.

On Wednesday we will start having classes in our new location. I think I wrote about this months ago. We change teachers monthly and that helps us to not be bored. We change classrooms. And now we are changing buildings. Maybe earlier in life this would have bothered me. I think after forty most people have learned to take things in stride.

That would certainly explain the growing number of people who change careers in midlife and decide to move to another country. God reveals a new direction and so you go with it!

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