Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I am wanting to do something with my hair. I feel frumpy right now. Yesterday, I finally called Olya to ask if she knew where I could by hair extensions to do braids. She knew of a hairdresser and she called for me today. It was pretty neat because I had my phone on silent for school so Olya called me on the school phone. I had to go to the office to answer it. I spoke on the phone in Russian with Olya not realizing that our school's director was listening. She was very complimentary when I got off the phone. Which made me feel better since in our class I felt like it was not a room for learning but a place to perform. You should already know all the answers and never make a mistake when you are called upon. So Tania's assessment of my live Russian skills were welcomed!

Anyhow, the girl Olya knew was going to be very expensive so I mentioned that to Tania. She recommended talking to Tonia who might know someone who could do it cheaper. Tonia and I talked and then she asked Inge. After school Inge told me about an old classmate from her university who does hair as a hobby! I am going to call and get together with her on Thursday and we will buy the materials and then do my hair on Friday. I think it is great that so many women were excited about me getting my hair done that they went out of their way to find someone for me!

Oh and if you talk to Tom's dad ask him about the annoying birthday song. His birthday was yesterday and we found an e-card that seemed to be just perfect for Papa Tom!


  1. Your blog is great! I've forwarded the link to some of my girls...look, if you need me to send you some hair products let me know. It would be fun to put together a "care package" for a sister in Russia! I can throw in some Ultra Sheen, a little shea butter, some Carol's Daughter products (my favorite), whatever you need... ;-)

  2. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Do you know what THAT means?


  3. Thanks Twitch! I needed that.

    Emily I really appreciate the offer of hair products. That truly touches my heart!