Thursday, April 06, 2006

Helping Neighbors

Today Tom called me while I was out with the ladies from school having lunch. He wasn't feeling well and wanted for one of the nurses to come over and check on him.

Kathy came over and checked his blood pressure and recommended that he see a doctor. So in the morning we have an appointment for him. Bill was at the school and he was able to pick up the letter needed for Tom to see the doctor. That helped us out a lot because the school closes the office at 5 and I would have had to rush over to pick up the letter before they closed. Spencer and I went over to pick it up and while we were chatting with Bill and Judi H.... I got a call from Judi B.!

Judi is having a tea party tomorrow and needed a table moved. So Spencer and Andrew left with me. I got off the bus at my stop and they went around the corner to the next stop to help out Judi.

Please pray for Tom tomorrow as he sees the doctor. We don't know for sure why his blood pressure is elevated right now but we are going to check it out.

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