Monday, April 24, 2006

Just the girls + Nathan

Class was very relaxed today. It was just Iris, Judi, myself and Nathan. The class time went by very quickly and I actually had fun.

I just looked at JB's blog. His hobby is photography and he shared his address with Spencer today. go to: My favorite photo is called giant!

We were asked today about how Easter was and if we heard any new words at the services we all attended. We all had heard about the same words. Like death, resurrection, blood, forgiveness... Judi B. went to the Orthodox church for the midnight service. Iris's church had their service at 4 pm on Sunday. Our church met at the regular time of 10 am so we had several guests from Iris's church (who must have wanted an earlier service!)

Time to rest and then study again. We have a dialog to memorize and verbs to conjugate!

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