Thursday, April 20, 2006

Missing Lena!

We haven't had a language helper all week. Lena went to Moscow to help out her family and then she will go to Maicop with Alexei for his brother's wedding and Easter.

We miss talking with her most of all. Olya has only come over once this week so outside of school we have only been able to speak Russian at the market or at church. I can study but nothing compares with live language. It helps to study and listen to tapes... but the only way to learn how to have a conversation in Russian is to actually start having conversations in Russian.

Most of our friends are patient and help us to say whatever it is we are trying to say with correct grammar.

Tomorrow is Good Friday here so we will have a service at church. And then another one on Sunday. Last year we spent Easter with the Watsons. This year we don't have any plans... maybe we will go to the movies!

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