Monday, April 17, 2006

Old & Drooly

Today as we walked home from the diagnostic center Tom told me he didn't want to get old and drooly on me too soon. Then he starts laughing and tells me that this should be today's blog post title. Maybe I will get old when he is drooly or vice versa!

We saw the neurologist and then the urologist. Tom's blood pressure has come down and the neurologist was pleased. Since it came down she felt comfortable prescribing physical therapy and massage. He will start tomorrow after school.

We made it through today without an translator. I just asked questions until I understood what I was being told. I made sure to clarify room numbers after our first "tour of the hospital" looking for room 160 when we were supposed to have gone back to room 116!

We went back to the registration office (room 116) and I told her that I was supposed to find Svetlana but I didn't know who Svetlana was.... she said "I am Svetlana!" she escorted us to the next office and stayed with us until one set of paperwork was complete then she showed me where the next room was while Tom waited for the papers to be filled out for the physical therapist. We could have seen the massage therapist today but he was not going to be back in his office for another hour so Tom will start tomorrow.

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