Wednesday, April 05, 2006

parties and stuff

Every now and then people at school show up with invitations to parties. Sometimes they are given to everyone and sometimes they are given to a select group of people. I personally think that when you know that you are not going to invite certain people then you don't do the invitations in front of them. Maybe I am old fashioned? Or just up on "Miss Manners"? I don't know. Just voicing a pet peeve.

Today in class I was trying to say that "In Krasnodar many dogs are free".
I said it grammatically correct. But the meaning of "free" here can also be "not married". So when the teacher heard my sentence she cracked up laughing. Because to her I was saying "In Krasnodar many dogs are single!" If the dogs are strays you don't refer to them as "free" they are homeless! So "BezDome-nee" is the adjective you are supposed to use. Language learning is not just about being grammatically correct. It is also about understanding colliquial expressions.

Nathan, Tom and Spencer are fixing the light fixture in the living room. Brownie is laying near my feet while I work here at the computer.

Earlier, Spencer and I went down to get dollars to pay our school bill and we waited almost 45 minutes for a bus to come back home. The bus was so crowded we had to stand all the way! The weather is getting warmer and more people are out on the streets.

Tom was out looking for some school supplies and he needed an eraser. He forgot the word for it in Russian. So he asked the salesgirl how to say it in Russian. She told him and then she asked him how to say it in English! She also asked for help with her resume... someone had translated it into English for her and she didn't understand some of the words. So Tom helped her out.

It is great to be able to have conversations now and give assistance when we are asked. A year ago that was impossible.

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