Sunday, April 09, 2006

what a difference a year makes!

Church went great. Nathan didn't make it over there. Maybe he was too tired from cleaning the church yesterday!

Soon we will be have been here for a year. Last year we could barely understand anything that was going on. Today in church I realised that Spencer was writing down words he didn't know from songs. He was able to ask Valentin what the definitons were.

The Big news of the day was that Tom and I both prayed in Russian at church. Our church has the tradition of gathering in small groups to pray for the needs mentioned that morning. Tom, me, Spencer, Joyce H., Lena, Alexei, Natasha and Dima were all together... so it was a safe group and there was no need to feel embarrased about making a mistake.

After we finished praying everyone in the group was complimenting Tom. I think Alexei even teared up a bit. It means so much to our friends when we make an effort like that.

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