Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

I had to go to school but that was okay. Judi H., Lena and I went to a cafe in Krasnaya Ploshad. We had canoli and tea. It was a fun time to be with just girls. Judi and I did our best speaking Russian with Lena and since she works for both of us as our language helper she was correcting our grammar.

Tom bought movies from Mike C. They cannot take their movie collection with them to Kazakstan so they were selling them today. So of course my birthday present was MOVIES!

I saw Leeza while I was out. She gave me her passport because I need to buy tickets for she and Spencer for their trip to Moscow. This will be her first time flying. Spencer is an old pro!

The babushka in front of our apartment asked me what time it was when I got home. I told her it was 6:15. She said she "thought it was five". I said to her "no it's six". She insisted that someone had just told her it was five so how could it be six already! It was hard not to laugh. She sits on the stairs and asked everyone who walks by what time it is. Even though she is wearing a watch herself. She says that her vision is bad and she cannot see it!

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