Sunday, July 23, 2006

2 were baptized

I went back to Rome Baptist church again. There was a baptism today. There were two missionaries who are leaving for Thailand that were prayed over. There were some college kids that were leaving to go back to America after spending time here with Agape Italia.

The list of places the visitors were from today were:
Northern Ireland
Southern California

There was probably around 150 people there today. I could barely sing through all my tears after the baptism when the church began to sing Trust and Obey. That is the song that has been going through my head since we first felt the call to Russia. Today was the first time I have heard it sung since we began the process of moving.

In the USA:
Tom and Alexei endured 119 degrees in Simi Valley. He said it was a 110 in the shade! Tom is speaking today and then they will be attending the Russian church service this afternoon.

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