Saturday, July 29, 2006

4:35 am

I leave tomorrow to go back to Russia. I am looking forward to the creature comforts I left behind. My own bed, our DVD and video collection, all my yarn! However, I am not looking forward to getting off the plane at 4:35 am Monday morning, getting whatever sleep I can and then going to school the very next day. It is a good thing that Spencer and I will not resume his homeschooling until September.

Tom and Alexei have a travel day also. They will be taking the train from California and traveling to New Mexico. His parents will then go with them to Texas and Kansas. Tom is glad for the help driving. It would have been a long haul for him with out having Mom and Dad help out.

I finally heard from Nathan why Spencer was not answering my emails. His internet card ran out. I was going to ask Judi H. to tell my son to stay home long enough to answer his mother's emails but that plan won't work without him having an internet card!

Tim and Joy have friends who read this blog so I will publically say "thanks so much!" for being willing to come and get me from the airport at 4:35 am. Especially since Tim is leaving for Ukraine later that day.

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