Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Celebrity Sighting in San Clemente!


Excerpt from this mornings email:

Lisa had to pick up an ear-bud set for her telephone at Cingular store. We went to the one here in San Clemente. It was there that we had our first 'celebrity sighting!'

In walked....'Hurley' from Lost!! He needed something for his phone. Lisa & I spotted him at the same time. (He's taller than I am & wider, too! He's really big.) Lisa said she wanted to talk to him but wouldn't go over to him. I just walked up to him & said, "Excuse me. Could I bother you a minute?" He said 'yeah' & I said, "My family & I moved to Russia a year & a half ago, & the thing that we HAVE to have sent to us to help us cope w/ the cultural stress is episodes of 'Lost.' We're really big fans of the show, love your work & thank you for what you do." He smiled & said, "We were supposed to go over to Russia to promote the show, but the Russian tv station didn't have enough money to bring us over." I told him in was on in Russian & we still asked for English language copies. Keep up the great work." He said 'thanks' & I walked away. It was great; Lisa couldn't stop talking about our 'Hurley' sighting the rest of the day!

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