Thursday, July 27, 2006

Happy birthday!

In Italy:
Today is Erin's 30th birthday. And she is performing tonight! Tomorrow we will have a dinner party but tonight the show must go on!

In America:
an email excerpt...

Alexei & I went to the post office in Santa Ana, so he could experience an American Post Office. Then we went to South Coast Plaza where I got my watch battery replaced after 7 months of it being dead!! We ate at McDonald's (his very first time!) & he liked it. He was amazed at how quickly people were served & got their food. We then bought shoes at Shoe Pavillion. He & I have matching pairs of tennis shoes (he will use his for riding his bicycle, & I will use mine to walk in.

In Russia:
I have not heard from the boys today and that means things are going well... right? Yeah, that is what I will tell myself!

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