Sunday, July 30, 2006

passport control

I spent a full hour standing in line at passport control in Krasnodar. I am grateful for Tim Watson coming to pick me up at 4:30. Our plane landed at 4:ooam but it took so long to clear passport control I didn't even see Tim until 5:10 or so.

People were tired and cranky standing in that line. It was comical to hear them yelling at the passport control officers. They were saying things like. "There are no terrorists out here!" "This is not Dagestan!" "Do any of us look like terrorists... is she a terrorist? is he a terrorist? What about the babies...are they terrorists?!"

The plane had a large group of teenagers on it. They were taking a long time to process since each of them had a passport and a document that gave them permission to travel and the paperwork had to be looked over.

My greatest point of frustration during the whole night was actually in Vienna. My knitting needles were confiscated! I had to take the scarf I was making off the needles and leave them with her. I know all you knitters are saying that is why I should have had a stitch holder with me... yeah, well I forgot. I have read about people who mail their projects home to themselves or who pack their knitting and don't take it in the carry on. But, I didn't do any of those things. I was in shock over the fact that you can fly out of Russia with knitting needles but you cannot fly in with them. Interestingly, they didn't seem to mind the sewing needles in my purse. Just the knitting needles were a danger to the other passengers! I did have my crochet hook with me and I was so mad that I crocheted a hat on the leg from Vienna to Krasnodar! That will show them...

Nathan and Spencer had the entire apartment cleaned up and looking great. I was imagining half eaten pizza everywhere! There was a sign to greet me and on my pillow there was a bottle of peach flavored tea and a bag of sourcream and onion chips. These guys are going to be great husbands. They are very thoughtful!

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