Saturday, July 22, 2006

swimming pools and movie stars

In the USA :

Tom and Alexei have not had a celebrity sighting but they are enjoying "American Food". Like, Chinese take out or a Mexican dinner. They are also enjoying staying at a home in Simi Valley with a pool. They have been out to see Auntie Martha. I am grateful that Tom is there for Martha right now. He was able to help her out in many ways. Kenneth and James also made it home. For anyone who has a family member in the military please know that leaving an emergency message with the Red Cross does work! Kenneth made it home from Iraq four days before the funeral.

In Russia:
Nathan and Spencer seem to be doing great. Spencer emailed me to say that he had a sore throat yesterday but he ate pizza and ice cream and it felt better.

Nathan is busy with cleaning out his room and watching Godzilla movies.

In Italy:
Erin and Rhianna were looking at Rhianna's photo album and Erin asked Rhianna "who is that?" Rhianna moved Erin's hand off the picture and actually made her point to me! "Ah-Dah!" What a smart little girl!

We mailed a package to a friend of mine in California from the Vatican post office. At first they were not going to do it because they didn't sell boxes there.
But, fortunately a cute little toddler (Rhianna) intervened and they were more than happy to help us out. Finding a box, wrapping up the contents with extra care and then making sure the postal worker sent it out properly!

I still have time to mail a few more postcards so send your address to my email:

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