Monday, July 24, 2006

Update on the American Tour

Tom and Alexei are on the move. They have left Simi Valley and are now down in the Dana Point area.

Here is an excerpt from Tom's latest email... sorry, I edited all the mushy and personal stuff out!:

It was so good to see Chip & Joanne again!! There was only about 12 people at church - 6 to 8 people were on vacation. So it was very intimate & close. Chip did worship, which was good. Alexei sang a couple of songs in English. Chip gave him a cd of the worship music afterward.

Afterwards, Chip had the people come up & pray for Alexei & I. A guy who used to attend the Bridge when I taught is part of The Gathering. He recently got married last year, & shared how my teaching (esp. on boundaries) had really changed his life. It made him ready to get married again & now he's happy!

Then we all went out to lunch at Wahoo's. I had fish tacos & shrimp tacos. Alexei had steak tacos but didn't really like them. He said El Torito was better!

Then Chip & Jo drove us to the Russian church. The pastor recognized me & said he would give me some time to speak if I wanted it. (How can I pass that up?)

There was probably 125 people there, & we didn't have much time for people to pray outloud.
The pastor spoke, we sang in Russian, the youth had just returned from a camp in Kazakstan where they worked at a children's home. They did a panel & were interviewed by the youth pastor. Then they had a 30 minute video. Then an older guy got up & gave an evangelical message for about 5 minutes. Then the pastor called me up. Pastor said I had 2 minutes. I asked the pastor if he would translate for me, but he didn't need to translate any! (That was nice). Afterwards, several people from last time we were there came up to greet us. A older woman complemented me on my Russian & said our photo is up on her refrig & she prays everyday for us. (I believe her!) Vladimir, the pizza delivery guy from Raul & Christines was there & introduced me to his wife Sveta. She was very nice & had great English skills. She sends her greetings to you& the boys.

Tomorrow night we have dinner w/ Bruce & Kelle & their kids. I'm looking forward to it.

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