Thursday, August 10, 2006

meet and greet new students

Spencer, budding chef that he is, decided to volunteer to bring a salad to a party to meet and greet the new students at school. Afterwards he sends me a text message asking for help. I thought we should make something with ingredients that are easy to find here and simple to make. So this is what we did:

Macaroni, cooked
Frozen Peas
diced carrots
diced summer sausage (the long tube of sausage that does not need to be cooked)
1/4 of a red onion, diced
creamy italian dressing

We just threw it all in a bowl and let it set over night. It was eaten all up! Spencer was so excited.

It was fun to meet the new students. They are a varied group. From Korea to New Jersey. If I counted right there are 6 of them. They seem like a great group of young people and we pray that they enjoy their time of language learning.

Prayer Request:
Spencer is out of one of his medications for juvenile glaucoma. We just found out that it is not allowed to be sold here any longer. We are currently making arrangements for him to be seen in at an American clinic in Kiev when we go there for our visa renewal.

Pray that we find a suitable replacement for his medication. And that we will be able to get him in to see an opthamologist while in Kiev.

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