Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The phone rang once and then stopped.

The phone rang again and it was Olya. She is nine months pregnant; due next week. She says that she is moving around like an invalid. You know, one hand on the back and limping. Her back hurts and she is feeling pain from her kideys, please keep her in your prayers. She went over to see the doctor today.

Another call came in and it was from Maj-lis. She needs yarn to make octopuses (octopi?) for kid's camp. She also recruited me to wash the clothes that have been donated to the church to be given away to whomever needs them... we are one of the few church family members with a washing machine. I just hope that I can get it all hung up and dried before Sunday. Tomorrow Maj-lis and I will make a trade. I will give her yarn and she will give me dirty laundry.

Again the phone rings... it is the telephone company. This woman says something rapidly in Russian. I understood that Alexei Parhomenka has a bill and it "needs to be paid today!" I asked her if this was for the communal services and she says in an irrated 'weren't you listening?' voice

"no, the telephone!"

I'm thinking why do I care if Alexei needs to pay his phone bill. Then I remember... he is the owner of our apartment on paper. That means the bill is ours not his! I call Madina at school beacuase she takes care of all of our bills and I told her about the phone call. "ali-ditchka, ne perezhivaish!" translation: little Alida, don't worry! She was on her way to pay it.

Finally, after dinner with Lena, the call we waited all day for... Tom and Alexei!

Lena was able to speak with her hubby again and I with mine. They will be home just after midnight on Saturday. They are glad to be finished with whirlwind of going from California-New Mexico-Texas-Kansas-New Mexico and now they leave tomorrow for California again and then back here to Krasnodar.

It feels peaceful to sit here at the computer typing this... we are on dial up and the phone cannot ring while I am on the internet!


  1. Rhianna is still asking about you. Just this morning she came up to me and said "Mamma...Ada?" We miss you!

  2. how sweet! I miss you all too!