Thursday, August 03, 2006

What is on your T-shirt?

As we rode the marshutka toward our destination of Krasnaya Ploshad I started looking at the T-shirts people were wearing. Some of them had English writing. Many young people here study a foreign language in highschool. Did these people know what it says on their shirts? Were the people around them able to understand the messages they were promoting?

Shooting a quick glance at Spencer I noticed that his shirt had no writing on it. Glancing at the guy sitting across from us I noticed that his black T-shirt said:

Sean Jean Collection
I thought I told you we won't stop

Sean Jean is the rapper who is also known as P. Diddy.
It made me wonder what P. Diddy would think if he saw a russian teen wearing one of his shirts.

Across from me sat a woman who was wearing a bright orange T-shirt with palm trees on it and it said:


A young lady sitting toward the front had on my favorite T-shirt. Hers declared:

Boys come... Boys Go!

She was friendly with the boy sitting next to her... I couldn't help but wonder if he was her boyfriend or just one boy in a line of many!

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