Sunday, August 20, 2006

Zhar Pizza

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This pizza place is probably the one who does the most business with ex-patriates! (people from one country who choose to live in a different country).
I know there are families who get pizza every Friday. We used to do this regularly in California. Now, we order pizza when it is too hot to cook or for celebrations.
We were invited over by two different families on Friday (we could only handle one invite) And both were planning on Zhar Pizza! Tom and I went to Tim and Joy's and enjoyed pizza and the salads that Joy prepared. Spencer went over to Andrew's and had pizza over there. Nathan stayed home and had some quiet! He has had to keep his door open lately to cool down his room... so a night without his intrisuive family was a breath of fresh air for him!

You can get some of the standard toppings on your pizza here. Ham & mushroom, Chicken, Salami, cheese with tomato or you can try something like eggplant which is actually pretty good. There are somethings we cannot get like pepperoni and the chicken pizza is not the bar-b-que kind we used to get in California. But, at least we aren't suffering in a barbaric land with no pizza at all!

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