Sunday, October 22, 2006

church with the Briscoes!

We got to church and had a nice treat this morning. Stuart Briscoe spoke. He and his wife Jill speak all over the world. I found their website here:

Stuart started off by telling us that he and Jill learned three Russian words the last time they were here:


and Coca-Cola! just say them with a Russian accent and you can speak Russian too!

I have a favorite quote from Stuart this morning:
"God gives you the absolute right to be totally wrong!"

He and Jill will be here teaching at the BLTC from 9-5 all week and on Thursday night they are speaking just for the ex-patriates here in town.

I spoke with Jill briefly after church and told her that because of my father being in the military I was born in Chiseldon, England. She said that her Aunt lives there and that it is a very lovely city! She encouraged me to visit there when I can.

Being at KBC (Krasnodar Bible Church) reminds me of when we were in Pasadena, California and many of the teachers and visiting professors at Fuller Seminary came to speak at Lake Avenue Congregational Church. We attended Lake Avenue during Tom's time at Fuller.

Church was full this morning because of people being here in town for the seminar. We had people from Dagestan, Salihardt and various cities here in Russia.

After church we went to have lunch with Tim and Joy. Tim was given a duck for his birthday. So we ate it today. Joy made orange sauce and it was very tasty. The duck was grown at farm (the rehab center) in Artirka. Joy and I are going to put together a Thanksgiving Dinner and I am looking forward to that.


  1. What a great thing, to hear all of these speakers! And isn't Jill Briscoe the founder of "Just Between Us" magazine for pastor's wives?


    Hey Joann, I just found that link. I didn't realize it was her!