Sunday, October 01, 2006

Communion Sunday

For over a year we have been taking grape juice to church on Communion Sunday. The practice here in Russia is to use real wine. We go to church with several alcoholics (Tom and Alexei included) and we asked for this to change. We were told that it was possible that we would be the only ones who want juice so we would have to provide our own.

Each month we noticed that more and more people were choosing the juice instead of the wine. Yesterday, I remembered that today was the first Sunday of the month so I purchased two containers of grape juice for the service... we took them with us to church this morning. Tom was told that they were not needed because juice had already been purchased by the church secretary!

The juice and wine are put on separate serving trays and of course you can smell the difference between the two. Once again the juice tray was the first one empty! (The people who requested it were served first)

Today Tom, Alexei and Valentin were called up front to bless and serve communion. This was the first time Tom was called up front to help serve. Usually, Volodya will just call on the Russian men to help. Don't ever think that just because "it has always been done this way" that people are not open to change. Our pastoral staff just needed to see the needs and the desires of the people!

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  1. That is amazing! I love the way it was influence, loving, gentel, humbly . . .I'm learning that is the way to do it!