Tuesday, October 24, 2006

pumpkin time!

Yesterday, I spent the evening cooking, pureeing and then freezing a 8.5 kilo pumpkin. That is 18.7 pounds! Judi H. had gotten 3 cups of pumpkin puree from her pumpkin. Our pumpkin yielded 16 cups. I found a recipe for pumpkin pie and one for pumpkin bread and they both take 2 cups of pumpkin so I packaged up eight bags of 2 cups each.
It is hard for me to believe that something like this actually occupied my evening...
In America with cable TV, movie theatres and malls to keep us entertained, I would have just bought canned pumpkin. However, here in Krasnodar, it is so different. I cannot jump in my car and run to a Quik Trip or 7-11 the night before Thanksgiving and buy canned pumpkin. Thanksgiving is a month away and I am planning what to have. Nathan & Spencer want a pie and Tom wants pumpkin bread. So, I had to cook a pumpkin to accomplish those goals.

Spencer and I tackled the project together. I cut it in half and he scooped out the insides. Then I baked it and he helped me to scoop out the cooked pumpkin into a container and set it in the window to cool before going into the blender. Since living here, we have learned to make things from scratch. We have learned to plan. I realize that there are homemakers all over the world who do these things. But, for us coming from Southern California that was not our lifestyle. Microwave food, McDonalds and flying by the seat of your pants was the way we lived. Part of our culture shock came from slowing down.

We read more. We watch movies and not TV shows. We all have hobbies... Nathan writes and draws, Spencer collects medals and takes pictures, Tom does jewelry, and I crochet, knit and take pictures. Daily life in Russia is different from daily life in Costa Mesa, California. It is not bad or wrong just different!


  1. It sounds nice! And good to slow down a bit.

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    "Hey, The Cheat. Ask your friend why come he didn't carve his pump-a-kin."


    {They go to Marzipan's pumpkin, which is uncarved and still on the vine.}

    HOMESTAR RUNNER: Whatcha got here, Marzipan?

    MARZIPAN: I didn't want to kill mine, so I just left it on the vine.

    HOMESTAR RUNNER: What for? So you could, like, use it in a witches' brew or something?

    MARZIPAN: Um, I don't know what that means. Anyway, I wrote a song about it. {singing, to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell"} I left it on the vine, I left it on the line, I mean, I left it on—

    HOMESTAR RUNNER: Not necessary! Last place! Ding! {A "LAST" ribbon appears.}

    MARZIPAN: {fading into the background} Homestar, I'm breaking up with you.