Saturday, October 07, 2006

Russian Grammar

Today Sasha Rajobov came over to help me with grammar. I missed a few lessons while we were in Ukraine and needed to catch up. She was explaining:

В always goes with ИЗ

НА always goes with С

К always goes with ОТ

В ИЗ НА С К ОТ if you put the letters together they spell "Business Cat". At least that is how Tom remembers it and he shared that with his class. One of his classmates told that to Sasha... so she asked me if I was familiar with it. Tom asked her where she heard about it and she told him. Anyway, after an hour with Sasha I know how to say who I am going to see and where I am coming from or to afterwards. Oh I could say it before but now it will be grammatically correct!

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