Thursday, October 05, 2006

Teacher's Day

Yesterday Spencer got a phone call from Mari at school about giving the teachers gifts today. I only go to school on Monday and Wednesday so I picked up a very cute flower arrangement for Marina yesterday. She was so exicted. It was a complete surprised to her and the flowers that I bought matched her outfit!

Tom went into school today with a gift for Madina. He took in some white chocolates and she immediately hid them under her desk... Tom said there was no opening it up and sharing!

So here's to Madina, Marina, Arina, Dima, Goar, Tania and Tania:

Happy Teacher's Day! You all are great!

I guess we missed Columbus Day. Not being in America means we miss out on celebrating American holidays. I was chatting online with a friend about 4th of July. I would love to be in America for the 4th of July but it was a blast to be here in Russia for New Year's! It was unlike anything we had ever experienced!

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