Sunday, November 19, 2006

cold front

It is getting colder here. It has not yet come close to the temperatures we had last year but it does feel cold enough to snow.

Tom has a sore throat. He is taking it easy today, drinking tea and sore throat medicine.

Spencer and Andrew found out yesterday that the ice rink is not open yet so no skating for them.

Nathan had a great time at the English club. They talked about Thanksgiving and had a meal prepared. He came home raving about having had stuffing. Simple joys!

Tom and I watched "Capote" last night. I am interested in reading his book "In Cold Blood". Maybe just because of the Kansas connection. It doesn't sound like something I would want to read otherwise. Tom remembers that his grandparents gave him a copy in his teens. He thought it was a great book.

I wish we would have made it out to church today. Valodia and Tim are back from their trip to the states and it wold have been great to hear Valodia's impressions of America. Or at least of Arizona!

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