Thursday, November 30, 2006

Holiday Cheer

last year's tree

this year's tree!

Christmas Tree- yesterday Tom came home with a small artificial tree. He found the tree in a little store where they sell children’s shoes. The guy only had three trees. Tom decided he better buy one before they were all gone! Since this is our first tree here in Russia, we can truly say (as the Sharps always do) “this is the best Christmas tree we’ve ever had!”

Christmas cookies- Spencer was able to pick up a package from the post office by himself. He said that the postal workers got a kick out of his passport. He has lost all his baby fat since that photo was taken and he always gets a comment or two when someone looks at it. It was exciting to receive Christmas cookies on the same day that Tom brought home a tree.

(Thanks Mom, for lovingly preparing this special gift for us!)

Christmas ornaments- We left most of our ornaments in storage in the states. Tom has begun making some small ones for the tree we have. The small burgundy hearts look great against the green of the tree. I can take another photo once we get all the ornaments on the tree.

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