Monday, November 20, 2006

It's beginning to look like Christmas

At our big shopping center, Krasnaya Ploshad, they are already selling items for Christmas. Well, actually they are decorations for New Years. Americans would use the same decorations for Christmas.

Wreaths, Christmas trees, ornaments, Stars, Angels, Santa Claus, garland, ribbons. Tom and I also saw pig figurines in Santa suits. Not just a few but many of them. I forgot to ask at school today if there is some significance to the pig figure. But, there must be something, right?

Today I picked up some canned sweet potatos from Joy. I realized 5 years ago when Tom and I had our 20th anniversary in Hawaii that the thing I wanted the most for Thanksgiving was Sweet potato pie. I found one in a market there and was thrilled. For Nathan Thanksgiving is stuffing... we all have an idea of what Thanksgiving meals have to include. Don't you?

Thanks to Mom and Dad for the Christmas package. Everyone is thrilled with their gifts! We love you both!

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