Saturday, November 11, 2006

Korean Dinner

Spencer and I attended a dinner at Donna and Rob's this evening. It was prepared by Sonja (Sun Hwa) who is a new student from Korea currently studying at the language school.

We had meat and rice that we wrapped in lettuce leaves to eat.

Grilled sausage, crab and veggies. Along with a side dish of fried oysters.

It was funny to Spencer and I, that we, the non-seafood eating half of the family actually had seafood and enjoyed it!

Sonja gave an explaination of all the dishes before dinner.

Joseph (Choong Sung) gave a demonstration on how to prepare and eat the lettuce wrap!

Sonja taught us to make rice cakes. They were made from rice flour. And then steamed. Then we had different toppings to dip them in and eat!

After dinner we played a Korean game that was kind of like Sorry! It got a little competitive but I think everyone had a good time.

Donna made a pumpkin pie... she had also purchased a pumpkin from Slavic like we did back in October.

Poor Spencer tried to make a comment to garner sympathy for being a pastor's son. He told about one time when he stayed with Tom as he spoke for three services straight. Leigh, Charles's daughter asked "you only had to do that once??!" Joseph said that his father preached for "7 hours straight" one time and he and his four siblings had to sit through the whole thing...

Spencer didn't stand a chance in that crowd!

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