Wednesday, November 29, 2006

a slow day

Everyone but Nathan went to school. He was not feeling well this morning.

Slavic came by to print out something that was supposed to have been emailed to one of us but we could not find what he was looking for.

I went over to help Brenna with her knitting. She is getting faster. Today we were together for 30 minutes and she did 3 rows with minimal help from me. She had done two rows on her own this week and she only dropped one stitch. And fortunately it was an easy mistake to fix. It is so great to watch her excitement grow about the scarf she is making. She is doing at 8 what I could not do until I was 10!

Tom and I were on the bus together going to school and he decided that he was going to get off at the depo and purchase our monthly passes for December. He left his briefcase with me and said he would be right back. However, the bus left without him. I knew he would catch the next one so I took his briefcase on to school for him. It was funny to hear the teachers fuss about Tom "making me carry his books to class". Tom got an earful from Madina and Tonya when he arrived just two minutes after me! We passed each other as I was on my way to the old campus... his class meets at the new. It was funny we met back in highschool... and today was the first day I ever carried his books to class!

Nathan and I both keep notes on language mistakes people make. Today my teacher was trying to say "If". In Russian it would be "yeslee". What she ended up saying was "if-lee". She laughed at herself and we went on.

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